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Bhutan the land of thunder dragon located between India and china.  It’s a small Himalayan kingdom with rich natural kingdom with rich natural resources and evergreen hill tops and mountains.

The development philosophy of Bhutan is Gross National Happiness which attempts to value ecological, cultural, spiritual well-being, and environmental conservation over and above economic activity.

The musical flow of streams , beautiful  scenes, and peaceful people make anyone from around the world want to travel to Bhutan. Bhutan green hill adventure was started by Tilak Koirala in the year 2015 with his 15years of experience in tourism in Bhutan. This agent contains well experiences staff who can handle the guest and simply focus on maintaining evergreen relationship with various people over the world.


We are a tight knit team, committed to responsible travel in Bhutan. We want to show visitors the incredible beauty of the region, whilst helping to preserve it for generations to come. Social responsibility is at the heart of everything we do, which is why we are committed to employing local people and to supporting projects that enhance local communities. It’s also why we encourage all of our customers to tread carefully, and to leave their plastic bottles and plastic bags at home.

We are determined to ensure that each of our customers has the best possible Bhutanese travel experience. We are committed to fulfilling all of our customer’s needs and providing the highest available standards of customer service and care. We want the customer service you receive from us to far exceed your expectations, which is why we respond to all of your correspondence promptly and go out of our way to ensure your needs are met. We are loyal to our customers, and hope that in return you will be loyal to us.

We only hire local people to work as guides within the company: this ensures that we can share as much local knowledge as possible with our customers, helping to guide you to the safest paths, show you the most beautiful vistas, and share local knowledge and local beauty spots that you might not otherwise know about.

We don’t just guide you up a mountain and cultural scene . Our mission is to plan every aspect of your trip to ensure it is as perfect as possible, and this means taking a meticulous planning approach. From meeting you at the airport when you arrive in the county to arranging your travel to your destination. From providing you with all of the equipment you need, at the highest possible standard to ensuring your accommodation is good quality. From making sure you eat plenty of healthy food on your visit to guiding you to the ultimate destination. Our approach means we are with you, helping and supporting you, every step of the way.