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Rafting in Bhutan

Monstrous waves with laughing and screaming joyful rafters hanging on but in the context of Rafting in Bhutan, it is a gentle drift-down-the-river admiring the scenery and running a few small yet exciting rapids.

Rafting in Bhutan

Rivers in Bhutan also offer great potential for Kayaking. If you are looking for more adventure, we will be happy to customize a suitable Kayaking adventure in Bhutan.

White Water Rafting – Upper Phochu

Cost: Nu. 25000/- Per Raft ( +10 % )
Location: Punakha Valley

Put in:  Wangthangkha
Take out: River Confluence

Location: Punakha Valley
Length: Approximately 17 km (3 hours )
Difficulty: Class III – IV
Flow: 2000 – 3000 cfs
Season: October – April

Craft: Kayaks and Rafts
Raft Capacity: 6 Adults


Rafting on Lower Phochu

Location  Punakha Valley
Put in:   Samdingkha Bridge
Take out:   River Confluence

Difficulty:   Class II – III+
Flow:   2000 – 3000 cfs
Season:  12 Months  (Tips: with good scouting, runs at higher  flows possible)

Craft:   Kayaks and Rafts
Raft Capacity:   6 Adults

PS :    No sharing of the raft with strangers as we cannot let people wait for each other at the starting point of the trip.

This part of the river is more of a white water rafting with more rapids and more fun to be on the raft while on the river, opportunities to see birds and specially the White Bellied Heron in Oct till March. Will be passing under several bridges but at the end will be passing under the longest suspension bridge in the country. Can still view 360 degree views around yourself.

Rafting on Mochu River

Location:   Punakha Valley
Put in:   Khamsum Yulay Namgyal Chhorten
Take out:   Changyul Village Old Tree ( Might Change )

  • Rafting Stretch Length:  10 km (1.5 hours)
  • Difficulty  Class I – II
  • Flow:  800 -1000 cfs.
  • Season:  12 Months  (Tips: with good scouting, runs at higher  flows possible)
  • Craft:  Kayaks and Rafts
  • Raft Capacity:  6 Adults
  • PS:  No sharing of the raft with strangers as we cannot let people wait for each other at starting point of the trip.

If your group is less than 3 heads please contact us we can find a better way to make your trip possible.

  • This river float is a scenic one  and while on the river you have opportunity to see hundreds of birds specially from Oct – April, and also our royal palace could be seen from  a distance while on the raft. The best part of this raft trip will be a option to float on the lowest part of the valley on river viewing 360 degree views around you.

Camping & Rafting on Phochu River side

  • – Cost : Nu. 4000 per person ( + 10% )
  • – Bed / Dinner / Bfast
  • – Rafting on Lower Phochu river
  • – Minimum 4 heads – Max. 50 heads
  • – No Electricity
  • – Hot water
  • – Camp Fire
  • – Cottage Tents with sleeping gears.
  • – Vehicle accessible
  • – 9 kms away from main town
  • – Great for Retreat away from Cities and Towns at a very quite place.
  • – Location: Gubji Thang ( Phochu River Bank )
  • – Season : Oct till May
  • – Reservations are strongly recommended
  • – For more information and negotiations please don’t hesitate to contact us :

Camping & Rafting on Mochu River Side

  • Cost : Nu. 3500 per adult ( +10% ) For Promotions
  • – Bed / Dinner / Bfast
  • – Rafting on Mochu River / Phochu
  • – Minimum 4 heads
  • –  Max. 50 heads
  • – Electricity
  • – No hot water
  • – Camp Fire
  • – Cottage tents with bed.
  • – Vehicle Accessible
  • – 6 kms from Khuruthang Town.
  • – Great for outing in camp with kids, friends and family.
  • – Parking for Vehicle