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Day 1—Drugyal to Chotentsava—Morning drive the winding road to the Drukgyal Dzong, the ruined fort, which was once defended this valley from Tibetan invasions. Mount Jomolhari, the sacred summit, reaches skyward beyond the dzong. Our trek to Chotentsava starts at Drukgyal Dzong. At the end of the road north from paro lie the ruins of Drugyal Dzong with Mount Jhomolhari(7315m) behind –a wonderful vista for the start of this trek. Bhutanese trekking staff and  the first group of pack animals are met here.From  here we have to walk towards , there is one small brige call Zamsa zam ,the village is named on this brige. After crossing the zamsa village and brige we have to walk major climp on the tree line, its bout 4to5hrs. After walking 4to5hr we reach in one gompa call ja gompa (3380m). From here we are near to our tonight camp CHOTENTSAVA. From ja gompa  we can see Paro valley,Jomoljari  pic and etc and we have to walk around 10 to 15minuit downhill to camp. Camp altitude is (3372m).

Day 2—Chotentsava to Saicholha thang —Today after having breakfast we have to walk like yestraday  up major climp about 4to5hrs in tree line. Now we reach at saicholha pass( 4230m)here we can see 2,3 small lakes. From here we see many views like paro valley,jomolhari ,jiju darkry and etc. To reach camp side we have to walk around 30 minutes down to the  saicholha thang or saichojakhu.camp altitude is (4163m).

Day 3—Saicholha thang to Bumdra–Today is tuff day, after having breakfast we have walk  around  7to8hrs. Today the  trek route is not up its all zig zag way but nearby Daigaipangtsho lake(4100m)one of the fomouse lake).It is the one of the blessing place of Paro villagers. We have to major climp about 30minute and we have to cross langgai lha(4270m). From langgaila we can see good view of Himalaya range,paro valley, chelela , jele dzong,dongkolha and dalaglha. Around 1to2hrs down to camp side Bumdra from the langgailha pass. Bumdra is one of the famous overnight camp. Our home for the night is tucked in under Bumdra Monastery (cave of a thousand prayers) making the most of the awesome views of the Himalayan range. Camp altitude is (3860m)

Day 4—Bumdra – There is three trek end point.

1)Takstshsang (Tiger nest) 2)  Sangchokor 3) Dopshari chumbu monastery.

1)Bmdra  to Taktshang (Tiger nest)—-  After a hearty breakfast in the jaw dropping landscape, it is time to either head straight back into the valley or linger awhile soaking up the view and perhaps hang some prayer flags of our own. Eventually we have to drop back into the ancient pine and rhododendron forest on the monks’ zig zagging trail. After 1-2 hours of descent we catch glimpses of the golden roofs of temples below and soon come upon the first of many on our way back from the wilds. The path snakes across the mountainside between the monasteries and temples before reaching the gardens of Sangtopelri (Heaven on Earth) from which you can bravely peer over edge and straight down onto the ornate roofs Taktsang in the cliff far below. An hour later and we are at the gates of Taktsang looking across the gorge a steep descent to a waterfall then ascent on steps and you are passing into the Tiger’s Nest itself. Retracing our steps we begin the final descent of about 45 minutes to reach our vehicle and drive back to Hotel … not forgetting to stop on the other side of the valley and look back at what you have achieved. Drive further up the valley to Drukgyel Dzong, built in 1644 by Shabdrung Ngawang Namgyal to control northern route to Tibet. The route is picturesque, and the site of dzong magnificent (from here, only two-day hike to the border with Tibet, dominated by Mt Jhomalhari).It takes around 5 to 7hrs depending on the time taken in monasteries.

2)Bumdra to Sangchokor — It takes 2to3hrs it’s all downhill to Sangchokor and the way is all tree line till to sangchokor Monastery. Trek end point is near to sangchokor Monastery and drive to hotel.

3)Bumdra to Dopshari —–It takes  2 to 3 hrs. The route is tree line through downhill till car road. There is many school on the way. And if u hike to chumbu Monastery it take 2hrs up hill and 1hrs to back to same car road. From Chumbu Monastery we can see the nice view of Paro valley and Himalaya range.

NOTE:- Riding ponies are available at an additional charge