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While mountain weather can always provide an unpleasant surprise or two, this trek is timed to fit the narrow window in the fall when classic Himalayan weather should prevail: crisp cool days and cold nights, with lots of opportunities to view the Bhutan Himalaya up-close.  Our trek takes us up the Mo River valley.  Further up the valley, at the very border with Tibet, we come to the charming village of Laya, a favorite of many experienced trekkers.  Set at the feet of some of Bhutan’s most dramatic spires, Laya is home to a warm and friendly people whose dress and customs set them apart from the Bhutanese mainstream.  We then push further up the valley to the base of Masang Gang, one of the most stunning peaks in the kingdom.  Here we can truly understand the meaning of the words “remote wilderness.”

Day 01: -Phunakha to Gasa.

After breakfast we drive 2—3 hours to Very close to gasa hot spring.  It takes only half an hour to walk and to reach gasa camp (2220m).


Day 02: -Gasa to Koina.

Today after breakfast  we have to walk half an hour to cross the mo chu brige and then we have to climb up 3 to 4 hr till barila pass. All of a sudden amgical view appears through the bamboo forest: kang Bum Mountain (6500m) towering high above Gasa Dzong and valley.  After crossing a barila pass at 12,100ft, we begin the long, slow descent to tonight’s camp at Koina. Walking distance is 5hrs to 6hrs.


Day 03: – Koina to Army camp.

Today as we work our way up the ever smaller and more powerful river this morning, we’ll have several shoulders to cross.  These are short up-and-downs, but there are some steep sections.  The afternoon walk is easier, along a mostly flat trail on the east side of the river.  Our camp is just beyond a Bhutanese army camp(3480m). Trekking permits are checked here in army camp. Walking distance is 4 to 5hr.


Day 04: – Army camp to Masagang base camp.

 This morning we begin our journey up a side valley to the base camp of Masang Gang, one of Bhutan’s more dramatic peaks. The trail is in good condition and goes up to the Toma la/ya la (5350m) and the Wagye la (5300m), two well used passes crossing into Tibet.   Tonight we’ll camp in virgin forest beside the river. Camp at masagang(5025m). Walking distance is


 Day 05: -Masagang base camp to lungu.

 As we continue up the river we soon find ourselves above tree line, with mountain panorama unfolding before us.  Tonight we’ll camp at lungu valley of laya(3520m), with dramatic views of the imposing Masang Gang.


Day 06: -Lungu to Lungu halt.

 This morning we’ll ascend onto the ridge that is the southern flank of Masang Gang itself.  The views from here are some of the best in all of Bhutan.  We descend back to our camp for a late lunch, and then descend back down to our riverside camp in the jungle (lungu valley).


Day 07: -Lungu to Laya.

Our descent continues this morning to the army camp where we spent the night.  This afternoon we’ll ascend to the village of Laya (12,000’), whose inhabitants have a dress and culture quite distinct from the mainstream Bhutanese.  The most notable differences are the conical bamboo hats the women wear over their long hair.

Today should be one of the highlights of our trek, a half day spent among the Layaps (as the locals are known).  We typically spend some time in the homes of the locals, and spend time watching them thresh their grain at this time of year. Overnight camp at laya valley (3800m).


Day 08: – Laya to Koina.

Today after breakfast the trail leaves laya through fields and clusters of houses.  Descend through the village entrance porch or arch chorten (khonying)  housing protective deities – and pass through some beautiful woodland. Cross two large river, zamto nangi chhu  and Togtsrerkhagi chhu, both fed by Masang gang glacier. With this Masang gGang will be visis ble , this iswhere the trek to Masang Gang base camp start. After the army camp, descend on a good trail. Once you reach the bottom of the valley a good  wide, flat trail follows the Mo chhu. At the end of the final climb the trail rounds a ridge into the side valley, with koina chhu and koina camp below. The campsite at koina is muddy and there is a hut.


Day 9: -Koina to Gasa.

After a damp night at koina  cross the koina chhu and start a long climb through an enormous subtropical forest. If misty the atmosphere can become very eerie, and the gorge transforms into something out of a fairytale. On the other side of the gorge is one of the few places in the world where the tiger and snow leopard uses the same territory. Around 1 to 1.5hr before the pass a clearing in the forest is reached where there is a camping place, Champsa(3705m). Another 1 to 1.5hr of climbing gains Bari la pass (3900m). Bari la pass is actually higher then Laya!. The pass is located on a ridge and decorated with the usual cairn and some prayer flags. After a short flat tail a long descent to Gasa village start. There are several nicely built tubs in which to soak tired muscles and wash off the trail dust.


Day10:- Gasa to Phunakha (trek end).

Today after breakfast we’ll take an hour or two to explore inside the dzong this morning, then set off for a full morning of ascending and back to phunakha. to we have to climdown about half an hour and we reach to the road ( gasa chazam), and then drive to hotel about 2 to 3hr.