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Day 1 Paro Damchena – jangchulakha
Start of Trek Day 1: Distance 18km and walking time 6-7 hours. Starting at Demchena  and crossing the Jele Dzong (3450m). The trek trail is rather gradual climb till the camp and if the weather is clear the Paro valley can be seen with the Mt. Jumolhari(7314m) and snowcapped mountains behind the valley. camp at Jangulakha (3780mtrs)and The trail takes you through thick alpine forest and rhododendrons trees and most of the walking is up and down on a ridge.You may see Yak herders around your camp site.


Day 2 Jangchulakha– Jimilangtsho
Trek Day 2: Distance 12 Kms and walking time 4-5 hrs.Starting at Jangchulakha (3780m) and camp at Jimilangtsho(3880mtrs). The trail follows the ridge and on clear day the views of the mountains and valley are beautiful, in particular the Jichu Drake (6989m). Camp is close to Lake of Jimilangtso. These lakes are known for their giant sized trout’s.

Day 3 Jimilangtsho to Yutsawongm
No. of hours: Six hours of leisurely walk
Pass to cross: Yusala
• Walk through stunted alpine rhododendrons and alpine meadows
• View of lake Tshotsumthoe and lake Rokhishisatsho
• Bird watching (monal pheasants, blood pheasants, and Tibetan snow cock)

Day 4 Yutsawongm to Thangkana
No. of hours: Six hours of leisurely walk
Pass to cross: Shakimla
• Walk through juniper forest
• View of alpine flowers (Meconopsis horridula)

Day 5 Thangkana to Walethang
No. of hours: Six hours of leisurely walk
• Walk through sub alpine forest and alpine meadows
• View of alpine flowers (Aconitum arocryseum, Rheum nobile & Picorrhiza kurroa)
• View of lake Gunglayumtsho (turquoise lake)

Day 6 Walethang to Jarodhingthang
No. of hours: Six hours of leisurely walk
Pass to cross: Leydeila
• Walk through sub alpine forest and alpine meadows
• Possibility of seeing Snow leopard, blue sheep, and Himalayan marmot

Day 7 Jarodhingthang to Chazhithang (Lingzhi) – same as Zhoduethang to Chazhithang
Chazhithang to Chebisa
Chebisa to Jagoedpassa
Jagoedpassa to Tsharijathang

Festival at Tsharijathang
• Witness the largest congregation of takins at Tsharijathang, the summer habitat and breeding habitat.
• Witness the courtship, mating, and social behavior of the takin
• Firsthand experiences and witness of the lifestyles, livelihood, and cultures of yak herders in the uplands.
• Information on conservation significance of Jigme Dorji National Park, and overall information on Bhutan’s conservation policy and overall GNH philosophy of development.
• Yak and horse riding experiences
• Hot stone baths
• Sleeping in yak-hair tents
• Participate in traditional dances and sports of yak herders
• Taste and buy traditional herbal medicines, including Chinese caterpillar (Cordyceps)
• Taste yak herders’ cuisines
• Smell and buy upland aromatic incense