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Day One : Paro to Jili Dzong

Distance 10 Kms and walking time 4-5 hours. camp at Jeli Dzong (3450m). 

Our first day of the trek starts by driving in the car to the end of the motor road in the Dop-Shari Village. The trek trail is rather gradual climb till the camp and if the weather is clear the Paro valley can be seen with the Mt. Jumolhari(7314m) and snowcapped mountains behind the valley. The trail winds though beautiful apple orchard before entering the forests. Bhutan is famous for its rich forests and today you will see the diversity of the Himalayan ecosystem. You will continue to climb higher until you reach Jili Dzong, a small fortress. Camp is usually set up in a clearing just below the fortress. Today, we will have the opportunity to watch the sunset if we get to the camp early enough. Tented Camp

Jili Dzong is not massive in size like the other Dzongs in the valley. It is a small fortress built strategically on a ridge in the early 16th century to cater to the travelers who journey between Paro and Thimphu. The route remained active until late 1960’s when the vehicle road connected the districts of Thimphu and Paro. Since then, the route is frequented only by nomads who herd Yaks and by visiting tourists. There is a beautiful statue of Buddha inside the temple of the Dzong and is known to be continuously providing blessings to the travelers who go by and the people of Paro valley down below.  Day Two: Jili Dzong to Tselu pang Distance 10kms and walking time 4-5hours. Camp at Tselu pang


Day 2

This morning, we get up early & await the beautiful sunrise from the East. You have the option of remaining in your tent and watch the sunrise sipping a hot cup of tea/coffee. Your breakfast will be served on a dining table set up in the open air (depending on weather) after the sunrise. After breakfast, we have to climb up till to the camp through rotonenten tree and pine tree. Today you can see the beautiful view of jiminang village and jiminang monastery. Your camp will be in the nice ground that known as Tselu pang.


Day Three : Tselu pang to Thimphu or Paro there is two option 1)from motithang 2)From tseluna (jiminang village)

  1. From Tselu pang to Motithang it takes you 5 to 6hours.  After hot breakfast and hot cup of tea/coffee you have to gradual climb up till to pumla( 3715m)about 3-4hours. And than descend down to the Phajoding monastery(3690m). About Phojoding Monastery; Ogden Pajo, a Tibetan yogi looking for a place for meditation, founded the site in the 13th century. Most of the buildings were constructed by the 9th Je Khenpo, Shakya Rinchen, in the first half of the 18th century.The 16th Je Khenpo was also involved in some of the buildings, and the king’s secretary has donated money for one of the more recent temples, built in honour of Padma Sambava. There is many buildings spead out over the mountainside include lhakhangs/gompas,monk quarters, numerous meditation centers, and even a guesthouse. The meditation centers may have a branch of a juniper tree outside, indicating that they do not want to be disturbed. There is also a sacred cave, with big ice stalactites during the colder months of the year. The meditation is hangs on the side of a cliff at 3950m.
  2. From Tselu pang to Jiminang village it takes only 2-3hours till to the car road. We start descend to the Tseluna primary school. We can see the nice view of tseluna village, jiminang village and Tseluna old monastery build on 18th century. After we reach to the Tseluna school Our car and the reception will be set up in Tseluna school where the trek ends. This is where you part with your crew and your horses.

You can see the nice view of Thimphu town from Phajoding. From Phajoding to Thimphu it takes only 1-2hour climb down to the road. Our car and the reception will be set up in Motithang where the trek ends. This is where you part with your crew and your horses.